Special Activities

Bangkok RHVAC 2015 : Product Presentation (EH104)

Thursday 13th August 2015

Time Topic Speaker/ Company Language
10:30 – 10:55hrs Opening Ceremony
11:00 – 11:25hrs
11:30 – 11:55hrs
13:00 – 13:25hrs Improve Part Load Efficiency of Water Chiller With Speed-Controlled Screw
Mr. Phawat Korananan (Bitzer) Thai
13:30 – 13:55hrs Turn Waste to Treasure with BROAD Non- electric Chiller and Heat Pump Mr.Preecha Predavichit (Energy Conservation Systems) Thai
14:00 – 14:25hrs Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) for Efficient Fresh Air Management Umang Sharma (CEO of BryAir Malaysia, 3V Engineering Solutions) English
14:30 – 14:55hrs Reserved Xpack English
15:00 – 15:25hrs Reserved Eco Thermic -
15:30 – 15:55hrs Reserved Brenntag -
16:00 – 16:25hrs ประหยัดพลังงานในระบบปรับอากาศและระบบตู้แช่ Mr. Punsa Roengpithya (Viptel) Thai
16:30 – 16:55hrs Clint Magnetic Levitation Compressor Highest Efficiency (Danfoss Turbocore) CIT Thai


Friday 14th August 2015

Time Topic Speaker/ Company Language
10:30 – 10:55hrs “Hanbell” New Screw Compressor Technology HB Technical Manager (Siam K.V.S.) Thai
11:00 – 11:25hrs ASADA รักโลก คุณเทียนชัย คงนวล(Asada) Thai
11:30 – 11:55hrs Low Cost BACnet Controllers for HVAC Systems Manager, Creative Building Management Software English
13:00 – 13:25hrs Reserved Alron Vrt Thai
13:30 – 13:55hrs UL and international standard certification for HVAC products Mr.Suvit Nitipavachon (Underwriters Laboratories (Thailand)) English
14:00 – 14:25hrs Hairpin Bender [Triumph] Total Cost of Ownership Abos Thai
14:30 – 14:55hrs Technology of Air Conditioning SWIT SYSTEM for Energy Saving Takasago Thai
15:00 – 15:25hrs Condition monitoring in HVAC health assessment Mr.Manorom Chiewpanich/ Equity Services & Solutions Thai
15:30 – 15:55hrs Reserved Heataway Thai
16:00 – 16:25hrs Intelligent Inverter – Smart Phone connection Thunyawat Chittipalungsri (Assistant MD, Seijo Denki) Thai
16:30 – 16:55hrs Reserved Thaisin Motor Manufacturing Thai